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The Lancet

Global Surgery 2030:  evidence and solutions for achieving health, welfare, and economic development
John Meara, Andy Leather, Lars Hagander et al


The Lancet Global Health:  Global Surgery Special Edition
Multiple Authors


The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery Abstracts
Multiple Authors


The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery Teaching Cases, Volume One
Multiple Authors


Global surgery – going beyond the Lancet Commission 

Justine Davies, John G Meara

Surgical palliative care in resource-limited settings

Johanna N Riesel, Morgan Mandigo, Rowan Gillies, Ruth Damuse, Paul E Farmer, James C Cusack, Eric L Krakauer, Lawrence N Shulman

Global surgery

Atul Gawande

John Meara:  helping to make surgery truly global

Richard Lane

Edgar Rodas

Geoff Watts

Finding surgery’s place on the global health agenda

Bridget Huber

The British Journal of Surgery

A new era of global surgery 

Martin D Smith


The Bulletin of The American College of Surgeons

Global Surgery 2030:  An introduction 

John G Meara, Sarah LM Greenberg

Global Surgery 2030:  Evidence and solutions for achieving health, welfare, and economic development: Executive Summary of The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery Report 

The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery

The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery makes progress in first year of work:  An update

Sarah LM Greenberg, Martha P Vega, Alexis Bowder et al


World Journal of Surgery

Proposed minimum rates of surgery to support desirable health outcomes:  an observational study based on three strategies 

Micaela M Esquivel, George Molina, Tarsicio Uribe-Leitz et al

Strengthening health systems of developing countries:  inclusion of surgery in universal health coverage 

Juliet S Okoroh, Victori Chia, Emily A Oliver et al


The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Global Surgery 2030:  Evidence and solutions for achieving health, welfare, and economic development

The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery


Pre-Launch Publications

Letter to global health agency leaders on the importance of surgical indicators
Emmanuel Malabo Makasa, on behalf of 100 signatories and supporting organisations listed in the appendix
The Lancet


Cost-effectiveness of surgery and its policy implications for global health: a systematic review and analysis
Tiffany E Chao, Ketan Sharma, Morgan Mandigo et al
The Lancet Global Health


Surgery for all: the right to heal
Lars Hagander
The Lancet


Global surgery: defining an emerging global health field
Anna J Dare, Caris E Grimes, Rowan Gillies et al
The Lancet


Surgery for diabetes in low and middle-income countries
Ainhoa Costas-Chavarri, Rowan Gillies
The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology


Surgery and global health: a Lancet Commission
John G Meara, Lars Hagander, Andrew J M Leather
The Lancet




Half a billion surgical cases: Aligning surgical delivery with best-performing health systems

Mark G Shrime, Kimberly M Daniels, John G Meara

Challenging the barriers to accessing surgery in low-resource settings:  Lessons learned from burns 

Greg Elder, Richard A Murphy, Patrick Herard et al

Towards a standard approach to measurement and reporting of preoperative mortality rate as a global indicator for surgery 

Roshan Riyaratnam, Charlotta L Palmqvist, Phil Hider et al

An integrated approach to surgery and primary care systems strengthening in low- and middle-income countries:  Building a platform to delivery across the spectrum of disease

Ashwin Vasan, Carley E Hudelson, Sarah LM Greenberg

Financial catastrophe, treatment discontinuation and death associated with surgically operable cancer in South-East Asia:  Results from the ACTION Study 

The ACTION Study Group

Cost of surgery in a low-income setting in eastern Uganda 

Jenny Löfgren, Jude Mulowooza, Pär Nordin et al

Met and unmet needs for surgery in Sierra Leone:  A comprehensive, retrospective, countrywide survey from all health care facilities performing operations in 2012

Håkon A. Bolkan, Johan Von Schreeb, Mohamed M. Samai et al

Editor’s note

Michael G Sarr, Kevin E Behrns, Andrew L Warshaw

The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery – Global Surgery 2030:  Evidence and solutions for achieving health, welfare and economic development 

John G Meara, Sarah LM Greenberg

Assessing cesarean section and inguinal hernia repair as proxy indicators of the total number of surgeries performed in Sierra Leone in 2012 

Anders W Bjerring, Marius E Lier, Siri Malene Rød et al

Injury prevalence and causality in developing nations: Results from a countrywide population-based survey in Nepal 

Shailvi Gupta, Evan G Wong, Sarthak Nepal et al

Operative trauma in low-resource settings:  The experience of Medecins Sans Frontiers in environments of conflict, post conflict, and disaster 

Evan G Wong, Lynette Dominguez, Miguel Trelles et al

Surgical need in an aging population:  A cluster-based household survey in Nepal 

Barclay T Steward, Evan Wong, Shailvi Gupta et al

Use of major surgery in south India:  A retrospective audit or hospital claim data from a large, community health insurance program 

Maaz Shaikh, Mark Woodward, Kazem Rahimi et al


The Lancet Global Health

Global access to surgical care:  a modeling study

Blake C Alkire, Nakul P Raykar, Mark G Shrime et al


Estimated need for surgery worldwide based on prevalence of diseases: a modelling strategy for the WHO Global Health Estimate

John Rose, Thomas G Weiser, Phil Hider, Leona Wilson, Russell L Gruen, Stephen W Bickler


Global economic consequences of selected surgical diseases: a modelling study

Blake C Alkire, Mark G Shrime, Anna J Dare, Jeffrey R Vincent, John G Meara


Timing and cost of scaling up surgical services in low-income and middle-income countries from 2012 to 2030: a modelling study

Stéphane Verguet, Blake C Alkire, Stephen W Bickler, Jeremy A Lauer, Tarsicio Uribe-Leitz, George Molina, Thomas G Weiser, Gavin Yamey, Mark G Shrime


Catastrophic expenditure to pay for surgery worldwide: a modelling study

Mark G Shrime, Anna J Dare, Blake C Alkire, Kathleen O'Neill, John G Meara


Global burden of surgical disease: an estimation from the provider perspective

Mark G Shrime, Stephen W Bickler, Blake C Alkire, Charlie Mock


Global distribution of surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and obstetricians

Hampus Holmer, Adam Lantz, Teena Kunjumen, Samuel Finlayson, Marguerite Hoyler, Amani Siyam, Hernan Montenegro, Edward T Kelley, James Campbell, Meena N Cherian, Lars Hagander


International migration of surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and obstetricians

Adam Lantz, Hampus Holmer, Samuel Finlayson, Thomas C Ricketts, David Watters, Russell Gruen, Lars Hagander

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