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Videos of the January 2014 meeting

Hosted by Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, USA


(please click on the appropriate session heading below to view the videos)


Day 1 | January 17, 2014

Jim Kim, President of the World Bank, addresses the inaugural meeting of the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery in Boston, MA, USA on January 17 2014
















Transcript of President Kim’s Opening Remarks


Session I Introduction

Opening Remarks – John Meara
1.  Importance of Global Surgery – Jim Kim (video address)
2.  A Lancet Commission – Justine Davies
3.  Experience of a Commissioner and Examples of Prior Commissions – Julio Frenk
4.  Lancet Commission on Global Surgery – John Meara


Panel Discussion for Talks 1-4     Moderator = Edgar Rodas


Session II Background

5.  Global Burden of Surgical Disease – Stephen Bickler
6.  Economic Analysis: A Primer for Surgeons – Charles Mock
7.  Global Surgery and UHC – Felicia Knaul
8.  Evaluation of Global Health Interventions – Joshua Salomon


Panel Discussion for Talks 5-8     Moderator = Nils Daulaire


Session III Collective Movements

9.    Disease Control Priorities, 3rd Edition, Essential Surgery Volume – Haile Debas
10.  The Lancet Commission for Investing in Health: Lessons, Opportunities, and Synergies – Gavin Yamey
11.  Surgical Care, Health Systems, and Health Systems Strengthening – David Spiegel
12.  Past and Current Global Surgery Initiatives – Meena Cherian, Kelly McQueen, Johan von Schreeb


Panel Discussion for Talks 9-12     Moderator = Johan von Schreeb


Keynote Address (Dr. Paul Farmer)


Day 2 | January 18, 2014


Session V Advocacy and Policy Change

13.  Advocacy for a World Health Assembly Resolution – David Watters
14.  Integrating with Other Health Movements – A Lancet Perspective – Justine Davies
15.  Global Health: A Glance at Who Funds What – and Why – Marine Buissonnière
16.  Three Strategic Challenges for Generating Political Priority for Global Surgical Care – Jeremy Shiffman


Panel Discussion for Talks 13-16     Moderator = Edna Adan Ismail


Session VI Tools and Mechanisms

17.  Defining an Outcome Measures Framework for Global Surgery – Gliklich
18 & 19.  Defining, Measuring and Improving Healthcare Value – Robert Kaplan
20.  An Implementer’s View of Costs and Metrics – Paul Farmer


Panel Discussion for Talks 17-20     Moderator = Thomas Weiser


Session VII-A Working Group Lead Reports

Information Management – Russell Gruen
Healthcare Delivery and Management – Nobhojit Roy

Moderator = Atul Gawande


Session VII-B Working Group Lead Reports

Workforce and Education – Emmanuel Ameh
Economics and Financing – Gavin Yamey

Moderator = Atul Gawande


Session VIII Conclusions


Closing Remarks – John Meara

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