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Presentations –​ January 2014 meeting

Hosted by Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, USA


Session I Introduction


A Lancet Commission – Justine Davies
Lancet Commission on Global Surgery – John Meara


Session II Background


Global Burden of Surgical Disease – Stephen Bickler
Economic Analysis: A Primer for Surgeons – Charles Mock
Global Surgery and UHC – Felicia Knaul
Evaluation of Global Health Interventions – Joshua Salomon


Session III Collective Movements


Disease Control Priorities, 3rd Edition, Essential Surgery Volume – Haile Debas
The Lancet Commission for Investing in Health: Lessons, Opportunities, and Synergies – Gavin Yamey
Surgical Care, Health Systems, and Health Systems Strengthening – David Spiegel
GIEESC – Meena Cherian
ASAP– Kelly McQueen
Bellagio – Johan von Schreeb


Session IV Working Group Breakout Sessions

(No presentations for this breakout session)


Session V Advocacy and Policy Change


Advocacy for a World Health Assembly Resolution – David Watters
Integrating with Other Health Movements – A Lancet Perspective – Justine Davies
Global Health: A Glance at Who Funds What – and Why – Marine Buissonnière
Three Strategic Challenges for Generating Political Priority for Global Surgical Care – Jeremy Shiffman


Session VI Tools and Mechanisms


Defining an Outcome Measures Framework for Global Surgery – Richard Gliklich
Defining, Measuring and Improving Healthcare Value – Robert Kaplan
An Implementer’s View of Costs and Metrics – Paul Farmer


Session VII Working Group Mid-Meeting Lead Reports


Information Management – Russell Gruen
Healthcare Delivery and Management – Nobhojit Roy
Workforce and Education – Emmanuel Ameh
Economics and Financing – Gavin Yamey

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