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November 11-13, 2014

Hosted by the Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research in Boston, MA, USA


 Global Surgery: The Lancet and The Gulf Perspectives, was a symposium sponsored by the Dubai Harvard Foundation for Medical Research. The purpose of the symposium was to convene members of the Lancet Commission and key members of the Gulf Cooperation Council region’s medical, healthcare, academic, and policy-making communities to:

  • Introduce The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery

  • Receive input regarding how the Commission could assist in addressing surgical concerns in the Gulf region

  • Share the work of the Commission and anticipated next steps


The meeting fostered discussions regarding future and long-term collaborations, and brought fresh perspective to the work of the Commission. At this meeting, Commissioners:

  • Reached final consensus on the Commission’s report content

  • Determined responses to reviewers’ comments

  • Discussed strategies for implementation of Commission’s findings and recommendations

  • Planned for long-term Commission involvement in Global Surgery

  • Sought perspectives from leaders in the Gulf Region on Global Surgery 


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